In such dark times maybe we would like, at least sometimes, to settle on a remote island where we can be protected from the noises of a twilight world. If this thing is just in rare cases truly achievable, we have a provisional solution: to play Catan. Taking place on an island, this wonderful board game turns those who play it into settlers who have to solve the problems inherent in such a project. A player has to find resources and to use them wisely. At the same time – as in the real, fallen world – you have to be careful: robbers can be found even in a peaceful game.

Although it involves a certain dose of hazard due to the dices it is played with, Catan demands the players’ intelligence and their ability to invest correctly their resources.


  • Full title: The Settlers of Catan
  • Place of creation: Germany
  • Creator: Klaus Teuber
  • Date of creation/publication: 1995
  • Type of game: Multiplayer board game
  • Players: 3 to 4 (standard) / 2, 5, or 6 (with expansions)
  • Age: 10+


Robert Kmita Lazu (Ph.D., Philosophy) is a writer and philosopher. In the last twenty years he published many philosophical and theological books and hundreds of essays and studies. As a father of seven, he developed a special interest in cultivating the virtue of "eutrapelia". Consequently, he wrote many reviews and essays about fiction books, movies, cartoons and computer games.

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