If you want to explore the world there is no better training than City-Country-River. A pen and paper game that will make you hungry to know more about the world we are living in.

The rules are simple: one player silently enumerates the ABC’s and another stops him at an arbitrary time. The players need to write a word for each category that begins with the selected letter.

Beside cities, countries and rivers, one may add plants, mountains, animals, names, etc. As soon as one player writes out all categories he yells “stop”. The terms are compared, if two or more players have the same word in one of the categories they receive 5 points. If the name is unique they receive 10 points.
For the next round they choose another letter as before. The player with the highest number points wins the game.


  • Creator: Unknown
  • Place of creation: Unknown
  • Date of creation: Unknown
  • Type of game: Pen and paper game
  • Players: 2 or more
  • Age: 7+


Alexandra Potroghir (B.A., Modern Applied Languages, English/German) is an avid reader and, at the same time, an aspirant writer. She thinks that is really hard to write really good fantasy stories after Tolkien set such high standards for this genre. And yet this thing does not impede her from working hard to improve her style.

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