Sometimes maybe you have wondered if there is a game as complex and deep as the game of chess. If the answer is positive, the game he is referring to cannot be other than Go.Created in China more than two thousand years ago, this game is similar to chess through the confrontation of two distinct armies, one black, the other white, who are trying to conquer on the board as much territory as possible.

Compared to chess, the major difference comes from its vast complexity: if there are strategic principles and to be followed, there are no rigid openings – as in chess. Practically speaking, Go is the game of an infinity of possibilities.

Another significant point: it can be learned even faster then Chess. All those who want to learn and deepen the game can read the excellent booklet The Way to Go written by Karl Baker and made available to the public on the American Go Association website. If so, what would stop you from playing Go?


  • Ancestor game: Yì (弈)
  • Place of creation: China
  • Date of creation: ~ 6th century BC
  • Type of game: Strategy board game
  • Players: 2
  • Age: 5+
Go set