Guess Who

Guess Who

If you like solving mysteries and being a little Sherlock Holmes, Guess Who will quench your thirst. You must examine 24 “suspects” with different traits and accessories and guess who is the “culprit”.

Each player has a board with 24 people images and their names. One chooses a card from a separate pile of cards containing the same images and the opponent has to guess who is the person on the card. The player can ask questions and the opponent answers with yes or no only.

Possible questions:
Is your person blonde?
Does your person wear glasses?
Does your person wear a hat?

After each answer the player flips down some of the images that do not fit until only one is left. If his guess is wrong he loses the game.


  • Creator: Ora and Theo Coster
  • Place of creation: USA
  • Date of creation: 1979
  • Type of game: Board game
  • Players: 2
  • Age: 6+
Guess Who set