I think one of the most played games of all times must be Lego. There are countless varieties of these colorful plastic bricks. The word “Lego” comes from the Danish phrase leg godt which means “play well”. Indeed, there is no “wrong” way to play this game, because all you have to do is put these interlocking bricks together and build whatever your mind can invent. Besides bricks Lego offers an array of gears, mini-figurines and other plastic shapes.

What any parent can confirm is the dedication and patience with which their children can create – for hours and hours! – wonderful constructions. Another thing is related to the age of the players: even it is more suitable for children, sometimes even teenagers can play with Lego bricks. Of course, this is more or less an accidental fact. But, in any case, it proves the quality of this game.


  • Original title: Lego
  • Creator: Ole Kirk Christiansen
  • Place of creation: Denmark
  • Date of creation: 1932-1934
  • Type of game: Construction game
  • Players: 1+
  • Age: 3+


Alexandra Potroghir (B.A., Modern Applied Languages, English/German) is an avid reader and, at the same time, an aspirant writer. She thinks that is really hard to write really good fantasy stories after Tolkien set such high standards for this genre. And yet this thing does not impede her from working hard to improve her style.

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