I don’t have a close relationship with the cold season, but Ludo made my winter evenings more enjoyable. While Rummikub eased my hot summer days, Ludo was definitely one game I used to play with my grandmother by the warm stove in dark winter days. While the fire crackled and popped in the stove, my grandma made everything she could to let me win. As a teenager I observed her tactics and spared some of her tokens. Sometimes. Sometimes not.

Ludo is a strategy board game derived from an Indian game named Pachisi. The players race their four tokens from start to their home column. The first player who rolls the die six may begin the game. The tokens are moved according to the die value. If the advance of a token lands on an opponent token, the player must take it and return it to his yard. The opponent must roll a six to play with that token again. The first player to get all four tokens in their home columns wins the game.


  • Creator: Unknown
  • Place of creation: England
  • Date of creation: 1896
  • Type of game: Board game
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Age: 3+
Ludo set


Alexandra Potroghir (B.A., Modern Applied Languages, English/German) is an avid reader and, at the same time, an aspirant writer. She thinks that is really hard to write really good fantasy stories after Tolkien set such high standards for this genre. And yet this thing does not impede her from working hard to improve her style.

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