Monsieur Vincent

Monsieur Vincent

The life of Saint Vincent de Paul shines as a star in the middle of death that ravaged his times. The black and white movie depicts his life as a priest in the middle of the poor. In a decadent society where the rich spend their lives in parties, alcohol and promiscuity while the poor die, Monsieur de Paul turns towards the most neglected and unfortunate. He asks for help from the wealthy women of Paris to found missionary projects. Even after he dedicated his entire life to the poor, his final thoughts were that he did nothing.

Absolutely extraordinary interpreted by Pierre Fresnay, Monsieur Vincent is probably the best movie ever realized about the life of a great saint. At the same time, the depiction of the historical context is consistent with a with a troubled period in the history of France. Another important point is the attitude of Saint Vicent when confronted with a really terrible pandemic: the plague that devastated France from 1644 to 1657. With a courage proper to real saints, he worked tirelessly for the rescue and care of the sick. A movie that must be seen by anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.


  • Original title: Monsieur Vincent
  • Original language: French
  • Starring: Monsieur Vincent (Pierre Fresnay)
  • Genre: Historical movie
  • Release date: 1947
  • Public: Adults, teenagers
Monsieur Vincent


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