Once Upon a Dog

Once Upon a Dog

When a dog gets too old to bark at the burglars, becomes useless for his masters. Such is the dog from this cartoon. He is banished from his home and runs in the forest where he meets the wolf. Even if they were enemies, they agree to set up the kidnapping of the little child of his former family so that the dog may save him and be received back to the farm.

The plan works and the wolf returns in the forest. When the weather gets colder and the snow cover the lands, the wolf gets hungry, but the dog helps him in return.

The humor, the wonderful Ukrainian folk songs and the excellent quality of the animations transform this short cartoon into a masterpiece. Even though strongly affected by the Communist dictatorship, the Russian school of animations proves his unparalleled creativity.

In 1983 Once Upon a Dog won both the first place at the International Film Festival in Odense and a special prize at the French festival in Annecy.


  • Original title: Жил-был пёс
  • Original language: Russian
  • Genre: Animated cartoon
  • Release year: 1982
  • Public: Adults, teenagers, children