Redwall (TV series)

Redwall (TV series)

The cartoons have as main character the orphan mouse, Matthias, adopted by Redwall Abbey. Wishing to become like Martin the Warrior, the founder of the Abbey, the young mouse has the opportunity to exercise his skills fighting the one-eyed rat, Cluny the Scourge and his companions. The episodes unfold many adventures and fights between the good and the bad.

The flute, the beautiful mice and their clothes, the medieval designs, all these make an outstanding cartoon for both young and old.


  • Original title: Redwall
  • Author: James Brian Jacques
  • Original language: English/French
  • Genre: Adventure animated series
  • Release date: 1999 – 2002
  • Public: Adults, teenagers, children
Redwall (TV series)


Alexandra Potroghir (B.A., Modern Applied Languages, English/German) is an avid reader and, at the same time, an aspirant writer. She thinks that is really hard to write really good fantasy stories after Tolkien set such high standards for this genre. And yet this thing does not impede her from working hard to improve her style.

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