I have to admit: Scrabble is one of my favorite games. So I can only be subjective when I talk about this game. And subjectively I say that objectively speaking Scrabble is one of the most educative games ever created. Why so?

As a type of crosswords game, Scrabble encourages any player to enlarge his vocabulary and linguistic knowledge. The performance is directly related to this sort of knowledge. And especially in these times when the spoken language is severely damaged by shortcuts and vulgarities, Scrabble can be wisely used to develop a rich vocabulary. I am sure that this a game for both writers and their readers. William Shakespeare or Joseph Conrad would have played Scrabble with great delight.

The rules are easy to learn being based on the value attributed to the letters. But what really maters is poetry. If you can find in your memory as many words as a poet need to create a great piece of art, you will be the best. If not already a master, strive to read and learn as much as possible. Your efforts will be rewarded by your ability to practice the art of conversation with mastery. And this is something rare and precious.


  • Creator: Alfred Mosher Butts
  • Place of creation: USA
  • Date of creation: 1938
  • Type of game: Word board game
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Age: Any (under the condition of literacy)
Scrabble set


Robert Kmita Lazu (Ph.D., Philosophy) is a writer and philosopher. In the last twenty years he published many philosophical and theological books and hundreds of essays and studies. As a father of seven, he developed a special interest in cultivating the virtue of "eutrapelia". Consequently, he wrote many reviews and essays about fiction books, movies, cartoons and computer games.

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