The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings

An epic fantasy novel for adults? For many serious readers such a creation would at least seem doubtful, if not downright ridiculous. But when it is the literary work of a respectable professor of Anglo-Saxon literature at Oxford University, the things seem to be completely out of control. Or maybe they are much more serious than we might think at first glance. In my case, the latter opinion is the one I strongly support.

If writing stories for children is a very serious task, writing stories for adults is something for which genius is not enough. It takes courage, a virtue that is not found on all roads. Because writing stories for adults in such a way as to make them feel and think like an innocent child is a mission that seems almost impossible. But that is precisely what professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien successfully did. And this success is the reason behind the difficulty that especially children and adolescents face when they try to read The Lord of the Rings. None of our seventh children managed to read completely this novel before turning sixteen years old. Parents can help their children by reading them passages according to their ability to understand. In any case, the effort will be fully rewarded.

An incredible world named Arda, where the power of Flame of Anor (or Flame Imperishable) and its servants is confronted by the hordes of the dark Flame of Udun – as in the epic fight between the wise Gandalf and the infernal Balrog – is revealed to the eyes of the readers. The classic values of Christian chivalry are fully embodied in the characters which populate Tolkien’s world. Courage, patience, resilience, wisdom, faith, purity of body and heart and, above all, love for family, friends and the weak and helpless. Any of these and many others can be discovered in the pages of this unique story.

P.S. – As in the case of Tolkien’s other famous story, The Hobbit, we strongly recommend that the film of the same title be watched only after reading the book.


  • Author: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973)
  • Original title: The Lord of the Rings
  • Original language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy epic novel
  • The period of creation: 1937-1949
  • Publication year: 1954-1955
  • Public: Adults, teenagers
The Lord of the Rings