The Princess and Curdie

The Princess and Curdie

The Princess and Curdie continues the adventures of the previous novel The Princess and the Goblins. Curdie, the son of a miner, receives a quest – he must help Princess Irene to save her father, The King, from a sinister and deadly plot spuned by the King’s threacherous ministers.

For this, Curdie receives a supernatural gift – he can see the true nature of people: through embracing vice, some people lose their humanity and decay on the natural scale. In a true representation of „the whole science of natural history,” humans are transformed, through vice and evil, into rhinos, monkeys, or venomous snakes. Curdie will also be helped by an unexpected ally named Lina – the most bizarre and ugly creature the boy has ever seen. This loyal companion, who takes the form of a monstrous dog, seems to be one of the souls that has sinned and fallen; but who, by helping Curdie, can gain her forgiveness and salvation.

The real power, however, is that of love and kindness. “There is only one way I care for. Do better, and grow better, and be better”,says Princess Irene. Curdie’s courage, Lina’s loyalty, and Princess Irene’s kindness will be the forces by which the novel’s heroes “will trample on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy.”


  • Author: George MacDonald (1824 – 1905)
  • Original title: The Princess and Curdie
  • Original language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy novel
  • Publication year: 1883
  • Public: Children
The Princess and Curdie